The Indian Warrior aka, “Muffler Man” at Ethel’s Old Corral Restaurant: Bakersfield, California

Adjacent to Ethel’s Old Corral bar and restaurant on Alfred Harrell Highway in Bakersfield stands the last remaining Native American “Muffler Man” (25 feet) in California, and one of only 18 remaining ones nation wide.


Driving towards this fiberglass “Muffler Man” you’re going to be SURE the directions are wrong, but they’re not. According to Roadside America, it was originally purchased in the 1960’s for $1,400 to bring attention to a tire store, at a time when tire brands tended to have Indian names; the Indian then was moved to in front of the local high school (as confirmed to me by the guy who took my picture while I was there), and then in the late 1980’s moved to this location in front of Ethel’s Old Corral restaurant



This poem was written AFTER the statute had been moved to its present location… it’s boarder-line impossible to read.




Oh, and not far from this bar, as you heading back to the highway you might pass this view of the Bakersfield’s oil fields





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