Roy’s Motel & Cafe; Ambroy, CA

Roy’s Motel and cafe located in Amboy California isn’t actually something that, if it were located anywhere else, you might look twice at…


…. at least for that fact that it’s location against the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert makes it somewhat wondrous when you first see it.IMG_7707IMG_7550


According to Wikipedia the “historic site is an example of roadside Mid-Century Modern Googie architecture” and is under the stewardship of a private  conservationist — Albert Okura, the same guy who owns and runs the Original McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California which I also visited … well it would half to be. I doubt it’s highly profitable.











The moon in the night sky, Kingman Arizona

I took these photos of the moon as I was driving back on route 66 to my hotel… this was my 2nd day in Kingman while I was backtracking to pick up some of what I had lost the day before (the route from Needles California to Kingman Arizona).


The moon was almost full, and because of being out in the middle of nothing, with no electric lights lighting up the sky, it seemed even brighter than I was used to, and the camera in my iPhone was able to actually pick it up in the evening sky

It was take about in this location… but on the other side of I-40 and looking towards away from the highway

Sitgreaves Pass – Rte 66, Kingman Arizona

By the time I got to my 2nd day of Driving down route 66 … well let’s just there are only so many 66 signs you can see before they start to get a little tired of them… and more than a few of the ‘must sees’ you begin to realize would be less exciting if they were anywhere else. This can not be said for little bit of road. It’s the bit of 66 that connects Needles California to Kingman Arizona




Not sure there’s much to say… but so so beautiful… it’s a very twisty pass that route 66 takes up and over a hill, and the wise don’t do it faster than 30 mph… and you wouldn’t want to anyway because every turn takes your breath away







Although, after having driven it you understand why I-40 couldn’t have followed Route 66’s location at this point and had to cut a wide-berth of it