Clickable Map

Blue tags are places I’ve been, click on them and in the description box’s, and you’ll see either a link to the blog post or a short description (some places aren’t worth the effort of a full post, but if you’re there, you might as well stick your head in).

I also tag every Costco I’ve been to because, I do love me my Costco (best quality gas at the lowest prices, clean bathrooms, enough samples of food that I can usually get a meal’s worth, really good fruit smoothies, and a safe place to stretch my legs while road tripping…. and once I passed out there and learned they have a lot of nurses and firefighters on staff)

Some of them were places I just passed by and took photos of, and you can see those when you click on the blue tab (They are best seen if you take the map to full screen, click on the tab, then click on the photo itself, at which point you might find multiple photos if you scroll through the slide show)…. I try very hard to place the photo exactly where the GPS says it was taken.

If there’s none of the above, I’m behind and will get to it later.