Orange Moose

Off Interstate 94 this is a very large Orange Moose which, ironically, isn’t all that easy to see from the highway if you’re the one doing the driving.


I got here by GPS more so than by eye… when you enter the roadside oasis, don’t be confused, the REALLY big moose is NOT the smallish one in front of the bar and grill — see picture below, (although that IS the one with the back story), and is the first thing you’ll pass —


Nope, there’s a 2nd, newer and larger by half Moose which you can get to by driving further on, passing the restaurant, and the randomly placed mouse eating a cheese statue, (in the picture at the top of the post), which as far as I’m concerned is the one worth stopping for.


And keep going to the parking lot just where that grey van is in the picture of the mouse (next to the lake), there is where you’ll see the big one located between the Arrowhead Lodge and the highway.

One really odd note… the farther north I drive today, the hotter it’s becoming — weird


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