Weezy’s route 66, Bar and Grill, Hamel IL

Weezy’s Route 66 Bar and Grill, in Hamel, Illinois has had many names over the years, in addition to Weezy’s its’ been known as, “Tourist Haven”, “Earnie’s Roadhouse”, and “Scotty’s Route 66 Bar and Grill”.


I wasn’t even expecting to stop here, but this state of Illinois reference post regarding the history of this location on route 66, was very easily visible from the road, and called to me to stop.



In this case the button work and I got to hear an interview with an elderly woman who had worked at the restaurant across the street talking about how if she’d been recruited in it included room and board +7 dollars a week and she said in those days seven dollars a week under those conditions was enough that she was able to actually save money.


So I went across to see if there was anything there I could eat. It was a very cute place with very friendly staff and customers,


but I didn’t find anything on the menu that was really tempting me and I needed to get a move-on


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