Stanley Park

According to trip advisor’s web site, probably the major attraction in the city of Vancouver, to be distinguished from the Island of the same name — so confusing… is this park. It’s sort of like Central park, only it’s not really ‘man made’ the way that one is, and is pretty densely forested.

Firstly, there is no free parking… even curb parking is monitored, so I parked my car at the first major lot I came to (figuring out how to pay for the parking took about 15 minutes, and then I had to spend another five minutes trying to explain it to the elderly American behind me — you need to punch in your license plate number, which is harder than it sounds, and then guess at how much time you’ll need), and then paid for the horse and carriage guided tour — the last one of the day.

There are also other things to do at the park, but I had limited time


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