Carway US/Canda Border Crossing

I am in Canada!  But this crossing didn’t go as smoothly as I would have hoped


Getting through customs was “interesting;” I think a freaked them out just a little bit. I was honest with them, I was intending to stay in Canada from May 29th through Sept 1st, and I technically, don’t have a job. Suffice it to say, they were not happy about this. I suppose if I had pulled up in an upscale RV (some of those suckers range in the millions) and looked to be over 65 they would have had less of an issue with it — or if I were only staying for a week or two, but as it is, no one pegs me for being as old as 51 (which I am). And the truth is that I’m currently living off my savings…

I don’t think the fact that I asked if I could get out of my car and take bunch of pictures of the border crossing facilities (denied) went over all that well either.


Anyway I was the only car of many that got pulled to the side and then they put me into a little room, with no TV and no magazines, while they did a background check on me. I was in there a good 20 minutes of bored pacing back and forth. After the background check was over the demeanor of the guy went from somewhat threatening — which is where it had been — to downright friendly (I’m guessing they not only verified my paid in advance Airbnb bookings, but also checked my credit rating). They checked to make sure I had credit cards with me, and let me go with the warning that under no circumstances should I accept any sort of a job while I’m in Canada.


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