Sip ‘n Dip Lounge & Tiki Bar

There is a mermaid with bright purple hair swimming in the tank in front of me; seriously. Sip’n Dip was named the #1 bar on earth by Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ) in 2003 (I shit you not)


This place embraces everything that is tacky and garish; It has patent leather yellow and blue furniture, woven palm fonds on the ceiling (along with bamboo) and folks drinking lots of fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them. It is Americana that hit it’s heyday back in the 1960’s (shortly after Hawaii became a state), that then almost disappeared, only to revived again in the 1990’s:

I present to you a Tiki bar where girls in mermaid costumes swim in front of you.


I ordered a shrimp cocktail and an herbal tea — is it me or does the shrimp cocktail remind you of the movie Beetlejuice

Unfortunately, Piano Pat who was 79 in 2013, may have passed away, as I didn’t even SEE a Piano in there


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