Enchanted Highway

Badly marked roadside attraction that I only spotted it because a local had suggested it to me; Although she said that of all the outdoor art pieces the best was the geese by the I94


I was told about this by the local lady who took my photograph at the Sue the Cow; I had not heard about it before that. Apparently it’s a 32 mile piece of state highway (a 2 line one) along which you’re supposed to find a bunch of really impressive art. I only know this now because afterwards I looked it up on line, and was more than kind of annoyed because while there are five pieces in place, with another five on the drawing boards…  and even though I drove down that road for a full half hour at about 60 mph (and then the same distance back to 94), and I only managed to spot one other piece — some deer jumping a fence placed next to a sort of maze of iron gates.

… I simply could not find the rest of it.  I kept driving and driving and finally started to get nervous, because there were no signs telling me if I had missed them, or how far to the next one, or anything, so that I finally just turned around and went back to 94.

Much later I found THIS MAP… which it would have been really helpful if it there were displayed along the way — which it wasn’t, even though there was a display board by the deer


Something in the way of an, “you are here” type map would have been nice … Please note just how FAR it is between object 2 and 3 on the map? Odds are if I had just kept going I’d have found it, but like I said, I was starting to get nervous that I had missed it all and would just keep driving down this rural highway for hours out of my way.

While I applaud the idea, I’m not sure it’s worth going two hours out of one’s way (there and back) for a few pieces of art… it would have been better had they kept them near to I94


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