Otto, the big Otter (and BIRDS!)

I’m not sure Otto is worth going out of your way for, but apparently if you do it in mid May you’ll get the double (and far superior) benefit of seeing the nesting ground for cranes and geese


I came here to see the giant otter, and let’s just say, he’s kind of sad, and if he were all that I had seen I would have been a little let down…  but I saw something much more amazing. Apparently I’m not the only one making the trek to Canada! The river and trees along side him were FULL of gorgeous cranes, I think they were whooping cranes but I’m no expert in this area.

Looking at the google map for Fergus Falls there’s apparently another, larger, bird sanctuary that (if you’re there in the right season) you should consider checking out.

Also, as I was driving from Alexandria, MN to here the ground had gone inexorably up. I could actually see that I was climbing into a higher altitude…  It was like driving up a gentle slope that goes on for 100 miles and probably more. 


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