My friend’s neighborhood in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island Canada

For close to three years I had been sharing an office at the University in South Korea with a Canadian woman from Vancouver Island who had been telling me over and over how beautiful her hometown was and how I should visit.


About a year after my father died, bringing me back to the states, she too had returned to her home town … but for a job.

The view from my friend’s living room window, in JUNE (yup, that’s snow on that mountain)

The road trip I did which started in Chicago, followed I-90/94 to Glendive, Montana, and then headed northwest to Glacier National Park, and then cut straight north to Calgary, and then west on Canada’s Route 1 (see my clickable map) was all about getting a chance to visit her in her hometown.


One of my friend’s favorite things is walking her dogs along the beach… can you blame her? WAY better than along some city street


It’s hard to NOT understand why she loves this place so much, it’s gorgeous and restful and the air is so free of pollution that you can a mountain over a hundred miles away

IMG_1253Note my friend (above) who is standing at the base of the tree with her two dogs, it will give you a sense of the size of the trees around here


A few weeks later a high-school friend of mine from Seattle came to visit, and I took him see where my Canadian friend lives



The Restaurant at Unsworth Vineyards, Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada

This is a very upscale highly ranked restaurant attached to the Unsworth Vineyard in Mill Bay British Columbia. It’s not far from where my former work college (we were professors together in South Korea) lives, and since she’d never been there I decided to take her there. By Vancouver Island standards the prices are quite high.


Am doing a bit of catch up, I went to this restaurant during my visit to Vancouver Island British Columbia and had facebooked about it… but forgot to blog about it… oops

All of the customer driven review sites that listed this place gave it 4.5 or 5 stars, so I was looking forward to it. We ordered the Moroccan chicken with Israeli couscous for our appetizer. It was good, but not amazing


My friend then got their soup salad and sandwich combo. Overall the food was good, but it didn’t knock my socks off. And the prices were high enough that it made my friend whose live in the area most of her life, uncomfortable