An important note to my readers

I have a tendency to fall behind when it comes to taking the time to sit down and blog about events; and rather than assigning posts to the calendar date I actually wrote them, I instead assign them to the date I visited the place (as this is my own personal journal, which I am allowing you to read rather than a site designed to sell you stuff, etc) … so I write when I can and backdate them as necessary (because I had neither the time nor energy to blog about them the day of).

As such, while… my most recent events page (aka the blog’s home page) lists the events in descending order of when they occurred (most recent event shown first)……..

My most recent posts page will provide links to the posts I’ve written most recently, even though they may be about things I did days or weeks… or even years ago

If you are a friend, family member, or just a regular reader who is following my travels, please check both —