Russell’s Travel Center, Glenrio, NM

Most Travel Center’s along highways are a dime a dozen, but every once in a while you see one worthy of notice, such is the case for Russell’s Travel Center in Glenrio, New Mexico located on I-40/Route 66fullsizeoutput_4b01.jpegThe center is located in the middle of not much,

IMG_9909.jpgIMG_0483this travel center seems to be pretty all-inclusiveIMG_0477.JPGThere’s a restaurant, a subway subs, and a grocery store IMG_9830.JPGthat sells a large selection of pre-made foods, and other tastiesIMG_0478.JPG

IMG_0479.JPGI was at the truck stop at around 11am and the donuts were sold out. When I mentioned it to the manager, he said they only make a limited amount every morning, and when they sell out they’re gone.

Where most truck stops will sell a small selection of foods, this place was practically a grocery store of foods that store easily and don’t require refrigeration or freezing.


Another thing that impressed me was this place stocks its shelves with a LOT of single serving options. This is actually unusual and I know this because I’m always in search of these things. Most stores for instance only sell soup or chili cans that serve two or more servings …


Now if your someone who lives on the move like I do, or a trucker does, this means either you end up eating twice as much and get fat, or your stuck with eating one serving and trying to store the other serving, which means you have to eat the same thing multiple times a day.


They have the normal distribution of services for truckers, and it was nice that they were making the sports equipment available to non-truckers, but that said, $12 for a shower seems a bit pricy to me… but this is the desert.

They have a car/collection museum so big that it spills over into the product section


Some of what they have in their relates to the history of their own business (which has been on 66 for a long time)



But for the most part it’s yet another one of those museums that is more a hoarders delight than curated wonder


… there’s SOME explanation of what things are, but very little…


(Still trying to figure out what Yoda has to do with anything)


And it’s kind of cool that they lift the hood on some of the cars allowing you to see how much simpler engines were back then


That said… how is ANYONE supposed to make sense of the breath and depth of this collection … less is more folks!!!




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