Tex Randall, Canyon Texas

Saw this in my ongoing pursuit of “big things” during my Route 66 travels, but it was about a half hour directly south of the route as it passes through Amarillo. This is less of a “tourist trap” and more of a symbol of ethnic pride, if you can believe it… think “everything is bigger in Texas.”IMG_0292.JPG Finding this wasn’t all that easy because the address given wasn’t showing up on my GPS. HOWEVER the Mexican restaurant directly adjacent to it was and this thing is SO tall that by the time I was 3 blocks of it could see it towering over the trees and buildings. That said, this statue is one of the bigger ones (apparently there’s a 54 foot one in Dallas) AND it has actual clothes on it… see the description below.


On the topic of no one appreciates what they have… There were two teenagers (looked to be high-school freshmen, or about that age… when I asked them to take this picture of me, the girl said to me, “You’re not from here are you?” They were genuinely shocked that I considered this worthy of coming down all the way from Amarillo just to see it.




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