Huge Liquid Life Bottle, Tulsa OK

Located on a frontage road adjacent to Route 66/I 44, is what I’m guessing is the worlds biggest bottle of liquid life, a product that to be honest I’d never heard of before — and I’m guessing it’s the largest cause I doubt there’s another one like it anywhere.


It is standing in front of the headquarters for the TRC Corporation, which makes the stuff. From what I can tell TRC’s major concern is actually minerals from mining. There is nothing on the internet describing why this bottle is here, and it’s only noted on the various Road tripping sites by people who’ve passed it.

On the topic of how to take a photo like this when traveling alone? My iPhone is sitting on the hood of my car, and I used the remote control on my apple watch to activate it.


2 thoughts on “Huge Liquid Life Bottle, Tulsa OK

  1. We just passed by the huge Liquid Life bottle and I immediately began searching the Internet for information about it. There is absolutely no information other than from road trips listing it as an historical landmark/Eiffel tower with a Texas twist (but it’s in OK! Lol!) I found your post and felt a little better about not finding any information.
    There sure are some interesting sites along U.S highways! Buckle up, drive safe & bring ’email back alive!


    1. Yup, there’s so little about it that it kind of boggles the mind. It’s a local fixture, shows up on all the Route 66 travel sites, and yet no journalist has ever interviewed the company for a human interest story on it. IF I lived in the area I’d do it, but…


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