World’s Biggest Hockey Stick & Puck, Duncan B.C.

Over the front door of the Duncan Arena and performing arts center is a HUGE Hockey Stick and Puck. IMG_1400

This hockey stick weighs 61,000 pounds and is 205 feet long. The Guinness world book of records has certified it is the biggest hockey stick in the world, Minnesota USED to have the biggest but what there is now ranked as third in size.

Ironically, I’d driven past this thing multiple times and never saw it, thanks to the Atlas Obscura website for finding it for me.

Taken by Thomas Malone

For the obligatory Ken Josephson inspired shot, for those who don’t know…  he was the modern artist who originally explored distortions of scale in photography — and was also one of my favorite teachers at the Art Institute of Chicago, they’ve actually mapped out exactly where you and the person taking the shot need to stand with yellow marks on the pavement.


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