World’s largest Peanut; Ashburn, GA

America is full of things like this, with the world’s biggest ball of yarn probably being the most famous (there was a movie made in 1996 about a less than angelic man who claimed to be the Arch Angle Michael — played by John Travolta — coming to earth, and all he wanted to see were these sorts of things); anyone road tripping across America is sort of obligated to search them out.

This was the advertised as the “Worlds largest peanut.” It is located in Ashburn, GA., along Interstate 75 of of exit 82, one of the two main highways into and out of Florida and stands 20+ feet tall.


Just North of the monument is Carroll’s Sausage and Country store which is huge and is in my humble opinion TOTALLY worth a pit stop. They had a pretty good (and very well priced) ruben sandwich, and sold all sorts of VERY southern, amazing and gourmet barbecuing ingredients and accoutrements.



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