Every Blooming Thing; Waynesville Missouri

This is yet another repurposed historic gas station on 66 … This one rather than being a museum or a gift shop, is a flower shop called “Every Blooming thing” (which in UK English is a bit like saying every fucking thing)


… I like it…

The ARK Community & Sports Center, Waynesville, Missouri

Was driving down Route 66 in Waynesville Missouri and spotted Noah’s Ark… WTF? At first I assumed it must be a church, but no, it’s a gym but one that’s run by a church group so I wasn’t entirely wrong…


This picture really doesn’t do it justice but the thing looks exactly like Noah’s Ark. As I was sitting there trying to figure out what Noah’s Ark has to do with physically fitness, I saw a pick up truck drive by proudly flying a really big American flag and an equally big confederate one…  I admit it, will breathe easier when I’m out of this part of the country.