Pinkie the Pink Elephant & a cow

Located just off of Interstate 94


Because, it’s Americana!

And please note I’m not the only one who came here specifically to see the pink elephant.


According to the plaque:

“The Pink Elephant has been at this gas station since the mid-late 1960’s. The elephant was brought here because the owner was looking for a way to make his gas station to stand out from the other stations on this intersection. The elephant has been here ever since.It certainly is a road-side attraction and landmark in the area! This Pink Elephant along with others were produced by Sculptured Advertising in Sparta, WI. Pinky was the first produced Pink Elephant and was installed in 1963 in front of the Pink Elephant Supper Club in Marquette, IA. The Marquette elephant never had the cool sunglasses though. Other pink elephants were produced for Arco Gas Stations in the area that all displayed Pink Elephants. Our famous Pink Elephant is the last one left in this area. A few other elephants can be found at car washes, antique malls and car dealerships in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee. Many people would stop here to take photos with the elephant and continue to do so today. Some tourists even tell us they have pictures of their children with the elephant from years ago and are now stopping to show their grandchildren. The Pink Elephant has had several owners over the years and has endured too much graffiti but with each change of hands the Pink Elephant has been loved and cherished. This gas station is known for the Pink Elephant, has lots of Pink Elephant merchandise and works hard to keep him clean. There isn’t one name associated with our Pink Elephant; most refer to him as “Pinkie”. Pinkie loves to see visitors and is still so photogenic!”

That said, let’s not forget the massive cow that’s on the other side of the highway, in front of a Cheese shop. (Note: Although impressive, it is not however the biggest cow I saw, not by even by half … that honor would go to Salem Sue in North Dakota, who I saw a few days later.)