Carlin Trend Mining Supplies & Services — & Rolling Rock Gallery/Gift shop!!

While walking around Elko, Nevada, a gold mining & railroad town located off of Interstate-80, (I was stretching my legs before getting back on the road) I chanced to find this really NEAT shared store site called the Carlin Trend Mining Supplies Services…. This is combined mining store (i.e., mining services/goods) and temporary employment agency for the local mines,


AND Rolling Rock Gallery a pretty impressive Gift shop (I shit you not) but with a definitive science geek flare.


At first I thought that place was just ridiculously eclectic,


but the more I looked at it however the more I realized that there was a trend that veered predominately towards things of a science nature.IMG_0024I talked to the staff member and she told me that the store was owned by the local science teacher who was married to the local geologist and in addition to those jobs they had opened this store in town.




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