My first Road runner in the wild!!; Elko & Winnemucca, Nevada

In my whole life I’ve NEVER seen a road runner … well… other than in cartoons or zoos. Today, I think I spotted a few of them….


The first one I spotted was in the parking lot of the Stockman Casino (now owned by Ramada) Hotel in Elko Nevada — it’s where I spent the night (that said, REALLY nice hotel rooms at a VERY good price) … I figured it was a road runner because of the tail (which reminded me of the one in the cartoon) and it didn’t seem able to fly much better than a chicken… it flaps and leaves the ground, but doesn’t get very far up.


The next ones I spotted (there was more than one) were smaller, and grey instead of black… maybe a male female thing? Anyway, these were in the parking lot of the gas station I stopped at in Winnemucca (I have always loved the name of that town… say it, Winnemucca)


I love seeing animals in the their natural environment! (well… NOT in cages)

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