Dimboola, Victoria Australia

Dimboola Australia… Don’t… just don’t… not even to just change buses!
Back in Ballarat I had purchased ticket at the rail office from there to Adelaide… a route that required I take the train for a bit, then change to a bus, and then change to a 2nd bus. The guy at the bus station, didn’t really know his job (I learned this later when the first bus driver said, “He booked you HOW? Yes you can go that way, but why would anyone want to?”) (Consider Trip Advisor’s list of the 10 best things to do in Dimboola if you think I’m making this up.)
The last stop on the first bus’ line was Dimboola, where I had to wait well over an hour to change to the 2nd bus. The only food choices were a greasy spoon cafe or a bakery— I opted for the latter and got a Aussie pie, cause I figured how badly could they possibly screw up the national dish? The answer to that question was, a LOT! Really disgusting. I actually had to dig for an antacid afterwards.
The thing is that there was different possible route, one that started at a town just two bus stops before Dimboola that also went to Adelaide, and unlike Dimboola, that was an honest to G-d town with stores, markets cafes and restaurants, etc. Almost everyone else on the first bus that was booked through to Adelaide was booked through that town.
I found this trailer for a comedy made about Dimboola

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