Traveling with friends, Mik

I have now been traveling around the US by myself for 2.5 years, and while I have been enjoying it a lot, and don’t want to stop, I HAVE found being a solo travel for THAT long was proving to be a bit too lonely. Back in late September I was in Stratford Ontario Canada for a 2nd season of the Shakespeare festival. While there, My buddy Mik passed through, on his way to visit relatives in Toronto, to visit me.


At that time we discussed the fact that his current job allows him to travel at will, he’s a computer coder, and would I be interested in us traveling together?

In early November we gave it a rather successful four day test run in Tennessee, after which we agreed “this might work”. He headed back to the west coast and I headed to yet another winter in DisneyWorld (my Disney pass from the previous year was good until the end of January so I figured I should make use of it).

After I had been Disney for over a month, I started to get a bit bored with it. Mik had already told me his intent was to head home to visit his mother in Australia in early December and would be there till early March… so I asked him how he felt about me joining up with him. I spent the next few weeks trying to figure out what things I absolutely would need within the limits of one 45 lb suitcase, 1 carry on bag and a small backpack, and then what to do with everything I couldn’t take. The excess clothing is now stored at my friends in Dalton, GA… and I left my car with friends in Orlando not to far from the airport. New years eve I flew (for the first time in my life to Australia), and as of yet don’t have a return ticket or any real idea of when I’m returning… other than I have to back for doctor’s appointments, and possibly jury duty.


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