Technical difficulties

OK then, BOTH my main computer AND my backup computer have decided to break down. This has put a real kink into my updating this blog which is what I intended to do this weekend. That and spell check no longer seems to work in WordPress… which some of you may have noticed (to quote my former PhD advisor, “Rebecca, you are one of the people for whom spell check was invented, USE it!”)


The backup one is crashing. every 5 or 10 minutes, and the main just seems to take forever to do anything — I’ve taken to watching movies on my iPhone while the little ball spins. A good friend who writes ‘how to’ books for professional mac techs as a living has promised to take a look at them tomorrow, and of course TODAY Mac rumors have started to fly all over the place that NEXT MONTH mac is finally releasing an update to the macbook (like a year overdue)… but that won’t be out till October. HOPEFULLY my friend can make at least one of two macbooks stable enough to keep me going till the new ones are released (and hopefully they’ll be configured in a way that suites my needs). Good news seem to be the new ones will have a finger ID scan built into the On button which will do away with logins entirely, and increase my security immensely as I travel from Airbnb to Airbnb


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